Fall Swimming Lessons 

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Swim Lessons

Class for children six months to three years.  Children must be accompanied to the lessons and while in the water by their parent or guardian. This class is designed to introduce infants and parents to an aquatic environment and basic aquatic safety. Must have minimum of four participants per class.


Thursday 6:00 - 6:30 p.m.


Fee: $32 Member

        $55 Non Member


Contact Stephanie Gorman Aquatics Director (507-376-6197 ext 229) for questions.




Pike: Children develop safe pool behavior, adjustment to the water, and early development of strokes.

Eel:  Child gain comfort moving independently, going underwater, floating and building endurance, and working on strokes.

Ray: Child can swim independently without a floatation device. Swimmer will be introduced to deep water skills.

Starfish: Child improves stroke skills, builds endurance, and treads water. Child can swim on their front and back without assistance.


Pre- School Fall Session Dates & Times:


4 Week Sessions, Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs

Sept 1st-25th (No Class Sept 1st)

Sept 29th-Oct 23rd

Oct 27th-Nov 20th

Nov 24th-Dec 18th (No Class Nov 26th or 27th)

 8 Week Sessions, Saturday

Sept 6th-Oct 25th

Nov 1st- Dec 20th (No Class Nov 29th)


Monday & Wednesday 4:00-4:30 p.m.

Tuesday & Thursday 6:00-6:30 p.m.

Saturday 9:30-10:00 a.m.


Fee: $32 Member

                $55 Non Member



Swimming lessons for children ages 6 and up. Offers progressive skill endurance, development from beginning levels to accomplished swimmers. All classes are limited.




Polliwog: Students become acquainted with the water, flotation devices, and pool. Students will learn paddle stroke, side and back paddle. To moved to the next level they will need to swim across the pool without assistance with their face in the water.

Guppy: Students are introduced to lead-up storkes: Front and back crawl, sidestroke, breast-stroke, and elementary backstroke. Before moving on students must swim the length of the pool without assistnace.

Minnow: Students further refine lead-up strokes: Front and back crawl, sidestroke, breast-stroke, and elementary backsstroke. To move to the next level they need to be comfortable swimming all strokes 25 yards.

Fish: Students work to perform the crawl stroke, elementary backstroke, back crawl stroke, and side stroke with turns. Introducton to butterfly stroke. To advance, students must be able to swim all strokes 50 yards without stopping.

Flying Fish: Perform the front crawl, back stroke, elementary backstroke, sidestroke, and breast-stroke. To advance studnts need to tread water three minutes with combination kicks plus swim all strokes 100 yards.

Shark: Swimmers focus on perfecting strokes and increasing endurance with open and flip turns. Students also learn advanced skills in boating safety and rescues. Perform front crawl, breast stroke, elementary backstroke, and sidestroke with open turns; perfrom the butterfly.


Youth Fall Session Dates & Times:


4 Week Sessions, Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs

Sept 1st- 25th (No Class Sept 1st)

Sept 29th- Oct 23rd

Oct 27th- Nov 20th

Nov 24th-Dec 18th (No Class Nov 26th or 27th)


8 Week Sessions, Saturday

Sept 6th- Oct 25th

Nov 1st- Dec 20th (No Class Nov 29th)


Monday & Wednesday 4:30-5:00 p.m.

Tuesday & Thursday 6:30-7:00 p.m.

Saturday 10:00-10:30 a.m.


Fee: $32 Member

                $55 Non Member




These lessons are designed to give participants individualized attention in order to improve or master their swimming skills. Together, the instructor, participants and/or parent determine the goals for the session and the curriculum is customized to meet these goals. Each session includes five 30 minute lessons swim Semi-Private Lessons available for 2 or 3 participants.


Private 1:1 Ratio

Fee: $46 Members

         $86 Non Members


Semi Private 1:2 or 3 Ratio

Fee: $40 Per Member

         $80 Per Non-Member


For further information, contact the YMCA at 376-6197.


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