Worthington Barbell Club

Worthington barbell club

The Worthington Barbell Club is an affiliated USA Weightlifting Club organized and supported by the Worthington Area YMCA. The Club Coach is Cory Greenway, a USAW and CSCS certified coach. Our focus is on training the Olympic Lifts, the "Big 3" and variations of barbell exercises. No prior experience necessary to join us; you just need an interest in bettering yourself and using weightlifting and powerlifting as a way to find strength. A club team environment allows members to find others with similar strength/experience and receive advise from those more skilled. 

Club members do not need to be affiliated with the YMCA, but in order to train there they must be a member or pay a day fee to enter. Club members who do not belong to the YMCA can still participate in programs, training sessions, and created workouts by contacting Coach Greenway. 

Club members are granted access to a Private Facebook group with other members to share in their journey in a supportive environment.  Mock trial meets for Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting are held a couple of time throughout the year as well as regular technique training sessions for club members. 

If Club Members wish to participate in competitions, the Club Coach can help find and register members for meets as well as provide guidance. 

Club Members gain access to shared educational articles and videos as well as programming for their strength journey. 

For more information, please contact the YMCA Program Director, Cory Greenway. 

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